ON THIS WEEK”S WWE RUMOR ROUNDUP, This past Friday’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown drew a preliminary viewership of 2,086,000 viewers on FOX, according to SpoilerTV.

Mandy Rose announced on Instagram that she recently got engaged to former WWE wrestler Tino Sabbatelli.

During a recent Ronda on the Road vblog, Ronda Rousey gave her thoughts on why she feels that her match against Charlotte Flair at this past April’s WrestleMania 38 event will be remembered fondly as a cult classic type match.


Rousey stateD

You know what? The first time I watched the match, it was on my phone with the sound off when I was trying to put Po to sleep. She was feeding. And I was like, ‘Hmm.’ Then I watched it again later and was like, ‘Huh!’ And I think it’s going to be like one of those cult classic matches. It’s going to be like The Labyrinth of matches. You know? When it first came out, everyone was like, ‘What the hell? Why does David Bowie have a giant codpiece and talking to our children?’ But then later, you realize something awesome about it every time and it kind of makes it one of your favorite movies ever. And, you know, I sometimes need to watch it and sing ‘You Remind Me Of The Babe.’ […] That’s what I feel like that match. Every time you watch it, you’ll catch something new about it. I think re-watchability is something that is very important in movies. The Labyrinth, case in point.

(Transcript h/t: 411Mania.com)

As noted before, WWE announced this past Saturday that Logan Paul will be facing off against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match at their Crown Jewel 2022 event this November in Saudi Arabia. Paul’s brother Jake Paul recently teased on Twitter that he might make an appearance for WWE to support brother’s match at their upcoming Saudi event. Paul stated “Logan is the definition of anything is possible. 2 matches in WWE and he’s challenging for the belt. I might have to come to Saudi Arabia for this.

WWE filed a trademark for “WWE Rush” for NIL-related purposes on September 14th to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

WWE reportedly generated an attendance of 9,814 (9,000 paid) for their Sept. 9th SmackDown show in Seattle, WA, 4,245 for their Sept. 10th house show event in Colorado Springs, CO, 3,765 for their Sept. 10th house show event in Spokane, WA, 3,813 for their Sept. 11th house show event in Wenatchee, WA, and 7,893 (7,200 paid) for their Sept. 12th RAW show in Portland, OR, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE reportedly has sold around 5,754 tickets for their Sept. 19th RAW show in San Jose, CA, 4,864 tickets for their Sept. 23rd SmackDown show in Salt Lake City, UT, 5,927 tickets for their Sept. 24th house show event in Vancouver, Canada, 2,474 tickets for their Sept. 24th house show event in Stockton, CA, 2,830 for their Sept. 25th house show event in Fresno, CA, 10581 tickets for their Sept. 26th RAW show in Edmonton, Canada, 7,853 tickets for their Sept. 30th SmackDown show in Winnipeg, Canada, 2,418 tickets for their Oct. 1st house show event in Regina, Canada, 2,940 tickets for their Oct. 2nd house show event in Saskatoon, Canada, 4,375 tickets for their Oct. 3rd RAW show in St. Paul, MN, 1,807 for their Oct. 7th SmackDown show in Worcester, MA, 10,032 tickets for their Oct. 8th Extreme Rules 2022 event in Philadelphia, PA, 2,548 tickets for their Oct. 14th

SmackDown show in New Orleans, LA, 3,148 tickets for their Oct. 17th RAW show in Oklahoma City, OK, 3,035 tickets for their Oct. 21st SmackDown show in Toledo, OH, 3,013 tickets for their Oct. 24th RAW show in Charlotte, NC, 4,327 tickets for their Oct. 31st RAW show in Dallas, TX, 2,562 tickets for their Nov. 7th RAW show in Wilkes-Bare, PA, and 2,796 tickets for their Nov. 14th RAW show in Louisville, KY, as of this past Thursday, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE reportedly recently cancelled their Sept. 25th house show event in Grand Prairie, Alberta due to low ticket sales, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

This past Tuesday’s NXT show featured a show closing announcement by Shawn Michaels revealing that NXT will be moving from their NXT 2.0 era to back to their former Black & Gold era. During a recent interview with the WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves podcast, NXT announcer Vic Joseph stated that the crowd chanted “Black & Gold” for several minutes after NXT’s show that night had ended.

Joseph stated

Then, the roof blew off the place. Because at the end of the night, and it’s been on social media and it’s been all the buzz and everything is still ‘loading,’ a new logo was shown with the black and gold outline. After the show, I don’t know if I’m going to get in trouble for this or not, the show went off the air, five or six minutes went on and the crowd was still chanting “black and gold.’ To give you an idea, the camera crew had enough time to leave and get brought back out, reconnect, and get put back in position to film some of the audience and then organic reaction. I stood up, took my headset off, and was like, ‘Holy shit.’ Wade (Barrett) was even laughing. This was unreal, the amount of love that all of a sudden … it’s hard to describe. I guess black and gold means so much to so many.” (Transcript h/t: Fightful.com)

As noted before, Paul “Triple H” Levesque recently touted on Twitter about the success and new all-time WWE records set by WWE’s Clash at the Castle event earlier this month in Cardiff, Wales. Dave Meltzer reported in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that he estimates that the live gate revenues for Clash at the Castle was likely around triple of what WWE did for their SummerSlam 1992 event in Wembley Stadium, which was around $2.5 million. SummerSlam 1992 reportedly was also the previous record for highest ever gate for an international WWE event in WWE history. Meltzer reported that Clash at the Castle is also currently expected to have generated the highest ever live gate revenues for a non-WrestleMania event in wrestling history.

Fightful Select reported that WWE officials under the new regime leadership were not interested in the idea of Velveteen Dream returning to the company even prior to his recent arrests this past August. Dream’s name reportedly was never considered as an option for potential former WWE talent returns to the company. In regards to past issues, it was reported that their sources stated that prior to Dream’s release in May of 2021, he had been dealing with significant backstage heat within NXT over drug issues involving rumored cocaine usage and erratic behavior at the Performance Center.

In regards to Dream’s car accident incident in June of 2020, it was reported that their sources confirmed that this was a legit incident and the reason why he was pulled from NXT television at the time.

During his time away, Dream reportedly was among the names being considered to be cut from the company but it is currently not known why WWE officials decided against releasing him at the time. One high level source stated that it would take a “miracle” for Dream to ever be rehired under WWE’s new regime and despite Dream’s recent teases on social media, WWE still do not have any plans to bring him back.

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